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21 February 2018


MUVO´s new app is the first to offer an e-bike sharing system for Latin America. MUVO seeks to encourage citizens in crowded cities of the region to commute and move around in an easy, comfortable and fast way.

The first Latin American city that is enjoying the system is Bogota-Colombia, the test market. The timing could not be better. Bogota, as many other cities in the region has several traffic and infrastructure problems and is experiencing a bicycle boom. Nowadays commuting by bicycle is one of the most popular modes of transportation.

MUVO user

The app has been available in iOS and Android for 6 months. The system is based on real-time mobile technologies, which allow the search for electric bicycles. Through the application is possible to rent any of the bicycles that are distributed in the city, unlock them and follow up in real time.

The locking system works through a smartlock installed in the rear fork of the bicycle in order to lock the rear tire. It can be unlocked by scanning a QR code once the user is registered in the app. After riding the bike, users finish the trip by closing the smartlock and a fare will be charged based on the travel time. The fee is $1 USD for every 30 minutes.


The operation is completely automated: through the mobile App bicycles are located, reserved, unlocked and the payment is processed electronically via user’s credit card.

MUVO is founded by Colombian entrepreneurs that are concerned with the environment and traffic congestions that big cities are living these days. The founders are planning to spread the system to other cities in the country and to Latin America. Just like Lime Bike, Spin, Jump, OFO and Mobike are doing in the rest of the world.

Latin Americans can now ride a MUVO without any hassle and avoiding all the sweat thanks to the electric assisted pedaling of the bikes. For people that prefer to do some exercise they can choose the conventional mode without any electrical assistance.

How it works?


Download the app and Let’s MUVO!!

2 Respuestas a “MUVO: the App that made dockless E-bike sharing system a dream come true in Latin America”

  1. io 13 March 2018 by io

    deberian cobrar siempre por que alguien puede aprovechar el bug e ir cambiando de bici en el trayecto

    1. Muvo Bike 05 April 2018 by Muvo Bike

      Hola, la promoción de viajes gratis solo era válida por el mes de marzo. La idea era que los usuarios conocieran el Sistema a fondo. A partir de Abril todos los viajes son cobrados por la tarifa regular (3 mil pesos cada media hora).


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